Titanfall Stryder

Developer Respawn Entertainment unveiled two new Titan classes, Ogre and Stryder, through some new clips of gameplay footage at VGX 2013. This development came after the developer showed off Atlas, an agile Titan unit, some time ago. The two new classes cater to very different kinds of game play.

Two New Classes

In the video clip, fans will notice that the Ogre is a unit that is equipped with extremely heavy armour, meaning that it can endure some serious punishment. However, the downside is that all this heavy armour will leave players with a unit that's a slow, lumbering beast. Gamers might fall in love with the Ogre's finishing move, which involves ripping off an enemy Titan's arm with its weapon. It comes packed with some heavy fire power which includes a shoulder mounted rocket launcher good for taking out multiple enemies at a time.

The Stryder, which is a contrast to the Ogre, is a much lighter and more agile class of Titan. Its form and abilities indicate that it will be suited for quick and effective, run-and-gun style attacks. What is amazing is that it has a nifty dash ability, which lets it skit around the battlefield in order to better flank its much slower enemies. But without support from some heavier armour, it is rather evident that this class of Titan might not last long in the heat of battle.

Release Date

With the announcement of new classes, the game should be much more exciting when it releases on 11 March, 2014. The title will be exclusive to the Xbox One and PC only.