Tom Clancy's The Divison

There are numerous next-gen console titles slated for 2014 release, but one of the most promising of the lot happens to be Tom Clancy's The Division, an online, open world, RPG being developed by Ubisoft Massive.

Here are five reasons why The Division might just be one of the most exciting games of 2014. Check out the game engine's showcase video below.

Role Playing Abundance

The Division will stand out from similar games owing to several reasons. Firstly because players will be immersed into a deep skill and talent system that flaunts immense variety. There's also a lot of scope for full character customisation. The game will also offer players a massive arsenal of weapons and they will be able to synergise with players' skills and talents. Apart from this, the developers have gone out of their way to ensure that the environment of New York is derailed, expansive and massive. Its is also dotted with secret shops and areas that players will have to explore to find.

Dynamic lighting system

Ubisoft says that the rendering engine supports volumetric lighting that adds atmosphere throughout the environment. The developers have applied lighting techniques that are seen in film production into the game's Snow Drop graphics engine. The result happens to be a system that captures light realistically in both indoor and outdoor situations. Be it a walk through the streets of New York at dawn or a trip into the sewers with only a flashlight, the game's lighting will seem extremely natural, dynamic and realistic.

Authentic destruction and reaction

Imagine you shoot a few rounds into the tyres of a car, Ubisoft promises that the vehicle will move, take damage and react just like it does in real life. This result of such a feature means that most elements in the game environment will respond and react to contact and force in the most reallife-like way possible. Apart from contact and realistic destruction, the next-gen tech in the engine will allow objects to react in an authentic manner to light and even weather.

Gorgeous Detail

From the recently launched showcase video, it is evident that The Division will offer one of the most beautiful visual experiences ever seen in a video game. From what we've seen so far, it looks like The Division will offer a graphical experience that's beyond anything that we've seen till date. Thanks to the Snow Drop engine, Ubisoft has managed to make everything from a faint New York dawn to a brightly lit day look absolutely life-like and spectacular. Elements of nature, animals and other elements look absolutely stunning in the game.

Ubisoft's way of doing things

If there has been one game publisher that is able to maintain a good history of making games that people enjoy, then its Ubisoft. They've always managed to deliver unique and amazing combat systems along with massive environments to satisfy that explorer in you.

Have a look at the Snow Drop showcase video below.