Plummeting 50 metres onto the rocks, the father died instantly upon impact, whilst his 15 year old daughter drowned. The other two children survived but the mother is currently in critical condition with a back injury.

The family were part of a group of 150 tourists who were forced out of their cars by the flames in the border town of Portbou. According to Deputy Mayor Elisabet Cortaba, the family found themselves surrounded by the fire, leaving them with no option but to jump in order to escape the inferno.

The two deaths bring the total number of victims of the Spanish wildfires to four, including one man who had a heart attack dousing flames around his home.

The fires have devastated Catalonia, burning across roughly 90 square kilometres as 1,400 people had to spend the night in shelters.

More than 80 teams of fire-fighters have been dispatched to battle the blaze.

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