The Taiwan division of a U.S. company claimed Monday to have developed a fully-transparent cell phone and it has received orders to produce it in batches within the year.

The Taiwan division of the U.S. Polytron Technologies has spent six years researching and developing the transparent mobile phone made of conductive glass. Its functionality is almost the same as that of a smartphone, according to the development team.

In the prototype the company had on hand, no wire was seen and any non-transparent components had been miniaturized and placed around the bottom margin of the phone. The battery is one component that cannot be made transparent, so the company is working on minimizing its size.

The phone's glass has been toughened to resist extra scratch and shatter, despite being only 0.5 cm thick.

Compared with iPhone 5, the prototype is 25 percent lighter with a 4.3-inch screen -- 0.3 inch larger than the iPhone 5's. It can be touch-activated only on one side, but can display images on both front and back.

Some phones have had transparent components before, but never to this extent. South Korean-company LG once sold a phone with a transparent number pad.

It's predicted that the transparent mobile phone will be introduced to the market at the end of year. Its price will not be revealed until closer to the release, but it will definitely be cheaper than the iPhone 5.

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