One of the biggest days in the Caribbean calendar, the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, has drawn to a close, bringing its usual display of dazzling costumes and energetic celebrations.

Taking place every year on the two days before Ash Wednesday, the street party sees a panoply of costumed bands flooding the streets.

The Carnival kicked off on Monday with a street party known as J'ouvert, which sees thousands of people doused in oil, mud, paint and liquid chocolate partying in the street.

This was followed by the main event on the Tuesday, where thousands of people dressed up in elaborate costumes performed onstage for their chance to be crowned Masquerade Band of the Year, a huge honour on the Caribbean island.

While the Carnival officially takes place on the two days before the start of Lent, people traditionally begin the party months prior, starting as early as Christmas time. This year was no exception.

In the week before the official Carnival opened, the Senior Kings and Queens of Carnival bands took to the Queen's Park Savannah stage, with masquerades donning huge costumes and parades in a bid to secure the King and Queen of Carnival titles.

Another, less extravagant tradition is the annual stick fighting competition, held every year at the beginning of Carnival season.

The winner of the bout is given the title King of the Rock. Bouts are decided when a fighter draws blood from their opponent.

Around 60,000 people are estimated to have travelled to Trinidad to join in the hundreds of thousands of people who have celebrated the Carnival.

The festival was previously thought to be in jeopardy, after a magnitude 5.0 earthquake struck 55 miles (89 kilometres) from the nation's capital of Port-of-Spain on 10 February.

While there were reports of buildings shaking, no major damage or injuries were reported, meaning the thousands of people already in the area to celebrate the Carnival season were able to continue with the lavish Caribbean party.

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