An 18-wheeler truck carrying thousands of honeybees flipped over on a highway in Texas. Naturally, the bees were unleashed wreaking havoc in the area.

Authorities sprung to action and called in beekeepers to help contain the swarm of angry stinging bees that were buzzing on the highway in San Antonio on Sunday morning.

The truck belonged to a bee removal business and it was hauling 400 hives. KSAT12 stated that each hive contains approximately 20,000 to 25,000 bees.

The San Antonio Express reported that the incident happened on the interchange that connects Interstate 10 and Interstate 35. It was around 10:59 a.m. when the truck rolled over, sending stinging insects all over the area.

The authorities closed the area for a number of hours, and the residents were also asked to stay in their homes while the bees were being cleared by authorities.

The San Antonio Fire Department also helped by spraying foam on the hives. Other bees were collected by the bee keepers. No bee was recovered from the truck itself since the bees that remained in the hives were sprayed by the foam.

Rick Fink, Alamo Area Beekeepers Association's president, could not help but feel sad over the loss of the bees. He called the incident unfortunate. Although he is thankful that no person was hurt, he still felt sad from the point of view of losing so many bees.

"It saddens me definitely from the standpoint of the loss of bees. You know, I'm glad no people were hurt, but it definitely saddens me from that standpoint," said Fink to KSAT.

Many bees wreaked havoc on Texas highway after truck accident. Photo: Pixabay

He also noted that it is likely that the hives were on their way to California to help in pollinating the almond orchards. He also said that at the present time of year, 80 percent of the country's commercial pollinating hives go to Southern California.

The authorities estimated the total damage from the accident as somewhere in the vicinity of £65,000.