One of Donald Trump's brothers requested a restraining order to block publication of a potentially explosive book written by the US president's niece, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Mary Trump will release her no-holds-barred memoir "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man," on July 28, according to publishing house Simon & Schuster.

Robert S. Trump, the president's younger brother, asked a court in the New York borough of Queens to block the book's publication, alleging that Mary Trump was violating a nondisclosure agreement related to the settlement of the estate of Fred Trump, her grandfather -- and Donald Trump's father.

"Her attempt to sensationalise and mischaracterise our family relationship after all of these years for her own financial gain is both a travesty and injustice to the memory of... our beloved parents," Robert S. Trump said in a statement cited by the newspaper.

US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump's niece is set to release a no-holds-barred memoir titled "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man". Photo: AFP / SAUL LOEB

"I and the rest of my entire family are so proud of my wonderful brother, the president, and feel that Mary's actions are truly a disgrace," he said in the statement.

According to Simon & Schuster, the memoir "shines a bright light on the dark history" of the president's family.

The 240-page book will detail events Mary Trump witnessed as a child while spending time at her grandparents' house in Queens, where her uncle and his four siblings grew up.

"She describes a nightmare of traumas, destructive relationships and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse," Simon & Schuster said in a blurb about the book.

According to the news site Daily Beast, Mary Trump is also expected to reveal that she is the main source in a major investigation conducted by The New York Times into Donald Trump's finances.

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