TRT television said some of the weapons have already been positioned, showing Turkey's stance on Syria is toughening.

Private Dogan news agency also aired footages showing a convoy of about 30 armoured vehicles, some containing rocket launchers, also heading to the same area.

Tensions between Damascus and Ankara reached their peak just days ago after a Turkish military jet was shot down by Syrian forces on June 22.

Following the incident Turkish Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdogan warned from now on the Turkish armed forces would "respond to all violations on the Syrian border".

A transitional government for Syria?

Despite the increase of tensions between Syria and its neighbour, diplomatic efforts to resolve the 16-month-long conflict against president Bashar al-Assad's rule are on-going.

Joint UN-Arab League peace envoy Kofi Annan has proposed the setting up of a transitional government that would include both sides of the conflict, diplomats said.

According to the reports Russia, which has turned out to be one of Assad's key ally throughout the conflict, is backing the idea.

Also in favour of a new Syrian cabinet are Britain, France, China and the United State.

The plan would see the exclusion of officials that would jeopardise the transition "or undermine efforts to bring reconciliation," according to a summary given by one U.N. diplomat, AFP news agency reported.

"The language of Annan's plan suggests that Assad could be excluded but also that certain opposition figures could be ruled out," said a second U.N. diplomat.

"Russia's acceptance of this plan could be a new sign that it is ready to let Assad go," the source added.

Another diplomat however raised doubts, saying Russia's support for Assad is still strong.

"I'm very sceptical," he told Reuters. "I don't see the Russians giving up on Assad."

News of the plan comes as Anan invited the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, along with Turkey, Iraq and Qatar to a meeting on Syria in Geneva.

Despite an agreed cease fire between the Syrian forces and anti-Assad rebels, violence is spreading across the country.

At least 82 more people were killed inside Syria on Wednesday 25 June, activists said.