It would seem that hanging those holiday decors early does not only beautify the home, but it also does the brain a lot of good. Research found that by hanging these decors early on, you are actually giving your mental health a boost.

Studies showed that the holiday spirit does wonders in terms of brightening a person's mood. The effects may not only be short-term because this positive result in the mood can even lift the attitude and mental health for the whole year. Psychologists have determined how the holiday cheer helps one to have a happy disposition.

Deborah Serani, Adelphi University professor, said to CNN that listening to a particular kind of music creates an effect on an individual's mental health. She explained that people get used to a particular setting. However, when new things are introduced to one's environment, the senses tend to get stimulated. Introducing light, sound, or colour, can make people feel good.

A study conducted by the Swiss National Science Foundation is supportive of the theory that exposure to colours can improve anxiety and stress levels. Researchers completed two studies that used colour therapy on 60 people at the least. They were able to record reduced anxiety levels after comparing scores before and after the therapy.

Serani noted another study from the University of Southampton, which associates nostalgia, not just with a positive view of the past, but also helps in giving people a more positive view of the future. She also explained that seeing decor reminds people of a happy memories or the season associated with such decor.

Vaile Wright, another psychologist, said that the holidays can be a good time to orient the brain and to think about the future. She said that using the holidays as an anchor to think about the future or make plans for something can be helpful. These things are great for one's mental health.

Wright also noted that being able to give oneself a break during the holidays can be a great opportunity to try new and better things. She emphasised how important it is to have the proper mindset. She believes that if people can view the holidays as an opportunity to try new traditions and things, instead of the season being unduly taken away from everyone, then the mindset would be something that could set one up for success.

Holiday Decors And Mental Health
Holiday decors and mental health. Photo: Pixabay