Koyuki Higashi and her partner Hiroko became the first couple to hold a same-sex wedding at Japan's Magical Kingdom on Friday.

Hiroko, who withheld her last name to protect her parents from people who may disapprove of her being a lesbian, and Koyuki Higashi, a former actress, both wore flowing white wedding gowns and were flanked by the iconic Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters at Tokyo Disneyland, in photos they uploaded to social media on Monday.

The photo caption reads that both Mickey and Minnie were signatories to their wedding certificate.

The Tokyo Disneyland resort which hosted the ceremony would not allow media to film or photograph the event, saying it was company policy regardless of who was involved.

The couple said at the reception party later in the day in Tokyo that they were happy to celebrate their wedding at the famous theme park.

But while certain states in the United States, France, the United Kingdom and other countries have either legalised or are close to legalising same-sex marriage, such legislation remains elusive in Japan.

Same-sex partnerships are not legally recognized in Japan and being openly gay remains taboo for many, even though there are no laws either banning or protecting homosexual partnerships.

Gay couples are not afforded hospital visitation rights, tax breaks, insurance or even protection from being discriminated against in housing and employment opportunities.

Hiroko and Higashi said they hoped their wedding would be a symbolic step that would help society move ahead in recognising same-sex rights in the future.

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