Uber to expand UberEats across UK
Uber looking to expand its UberEats service across the UK Uber

Spreading its wings beyond the ride-hailing industry, Uber's food delivery service UberEats may expand to as many as 24 countries across 29 cities, as per job listings posted by the company. The service is mainly operative in the US and six other countries across 36 cities as of now.

In a bid to take on local rivals in dozens of countries, the company is recruiting for various posts like general managers, bike couriers, salespeople and marketing managers. According to Reuters, the expansion plan will span across 16 cities in 12 European countries like Moscow, Madrid and Manchester; 11 new cities in nine Asian countries including Hong Kong, Jakarta and Tokyo; two of South Africa's big cities along with Dubai and Mexico City.

"We have got an aggressive expansion road map and one we are confident will bring the value of this business to new cities and countries this year," Jambu Palaniappan, head of UberEats for Europe, Middle East and Africa, had said in a recent interview without naming any specific targets.

This week itself, the service will have its first run in Amsterdam. In the UK, the service is already operational in central London and the company has outlined plans to expand its delivery radius to areas as Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

Other rivals in the food delivery market are also catching up fast. E-commerce giant Amazon started its food delivery service in London earlier this month after having catered to a dozen of US cities. It is expected in the near future to follow Uber's trend and expand to more regions.