An American woman claims to have videotaped the crash-landing of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), as it appears to fall out of skies.

The video was shot on 21 August, when Margaret Pfeiffer was standing outside her house in Georgia, filming the effect of lightning strikes on property belonging to her and a neighbour.

Pfeiffer claims she was busy observing the lightning when she noticed something considerably brighter and heading towards the ground at a remarkable speed. She claims the object disappeared almost immediately behind some trees.

The video was posted on YouTube, with the following description:

"I captured this after the fire from across the street here. Say what you will, but this has no wings as a plane would have. Watch in full screen and keep pausing. There isn't even a shadow for the wing area. I believe this is a drone or UFO!!"

Pfeiffer has also called on other people from the area who may have seen the UFO to come forward with their accounts.

Check out Margaret Pfeiffer's video of a UFO crashing to Earth:

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/wowforreeel]

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic Ocean, a UFO was spotted over Derby on Thursday.

The sighting and video was posted on UFO Sightings Daily, with this comment: "I have to admit at first when looking at this video I thought plane, but when he [the original uploader] got closer to the object, I realised that it was a UFO. So I took the screenshots and altered its contrast to see its detail better. As you see in the above photos, this is a metallic round UFO that even changes shape. Very odd, but Derby has been in world news this year for its UFOs over its neighbourhoods."

"Nice catch...someone should really take this video and add contrast to it so we can see the craft better," he added.

No eye-witness account is available for the Derby sighting.

Check out a video of the UFO over Derby skies here:

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/Galactic Guru]