J.P. Prince
J.P. Prince #30 of the Tennessee Volunteers celebrates after the game against the Kentucky Wildcats at Thompson-Boling Arena on February 27, 2010 GEtty

As hundreds from the seven Muslim nations affected by President Donald Trump's travel ban wait in uncertainty two US basketball players playing in Iran's professional league have found themselves caught up in similar circumstances.

In the wake of President Trump's travel ban to the Muslim nations including Iran, the Islamic Republic has said it will look to bar all US citizens from entering the country. Two such citizens who live and work in Iran are basketball players JP Prince and Joseph Jones.

The players' agent Agent Eric Fleisher said on 31 January that it was his understanding t the pair's visas had expired and it was unclear whether they would be able to renew them in the current political climate.

"The team unfortunately didn't do it properly and so now they have to renew the visas and the question becomes whether they will be allowed to renew their visa," Fleisher was quoted by the AP as saying.

"If not, they won't be allowed to enter back into Iran. Their possessions are still in Iran. They won't be able to continue for the remainder of the season with the club. If they can renew their visa, then presumably they'll be allowed to re-enter and everything will be OK, but I don't have an answer as of yet."

Iran has also issued a strong statement condemning Trump's executive order limiting immigration. The regional power, which enjoyed a certain level of rapprochement under the Obama administration, has warned that it would take legal, political and reciprocal measures. However, Iraq's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif did say that people with a valid visa to travel to Iran would still be welcome. "Unlike the US, our decision is not retroactive. All with valid Iranian visa will be gladly welcomed," he said.

Under Trump's ban – which has been called the 'Muslim ban', referring to one of the Republican leader's most controversial election promises – citizens from the seven nations are now barred from entering the US for 90 days from 27 January. The executive order has also suspended the admission of Syrian refugees to the US indefinitely.