MPs will debate Donald Trump's state visit to the UK after more than a million and half people signed a petition urging the Government to scrap its invitation.

The Westminster Hall debate will be led by Labour's Paul Flynn and is scheduled for Monday 20 February, the cross-party Petitions Committee said.

The announcement comes just a day after thousands of anti-Trump activists protested outside Downing Street against the president's decision to block people from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iraq and Libya, from travelling directly to the US for 90 days.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson branded the executive order as "divisive and wrong", but defended the "special relationship" between the UK and US.

"This is not UK policy, this is not our policy, nor is it a measure that this Government would consider. I've already made clear our anxiety about measures that discriminate on grounds of nationality in ways that are divisive and wrong," he told MPs.

The senior Conservative added: "Where we have differences with the United States, we will not hesitate from expressing them, as I have done today.

"But we will also repeat our resolve to work alongside the Trump administration in the mutual interest of both of our countries."

The Government has also refused to revoke its invitation for Trump to meet with The Queen in June. "The invitation has been extended and has been accepted," a Number 10 spokesperson said.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has promised to boycott a state dinner in honour of the Republican.

A source close to Jeremy Corbyn, who opposes the visit, told IBTimes UK that he hopes to take Trump to Finsbury Park Mosque to show him the contribution Muslims make to the community.

MPs will also debate a petition calling for Trump to make a state visit to the UK. More than 116,000 people have signed the petition.

The Government responds to petitions once it reaches 10,000 signatures and the Petitions Committee considers a debate once it reaches 100,000 signatures.