Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens MTV Music Awards 2013 Getty

Vanessa Hudgens has reportedly been granted a restraining order against a man who travelled from Africa to Los Angeles in an attempt to marry her.

According to a report published by TMZ, Junior Kabongo sent the 25-year-old hundreds of emails professing his love and describing in graphic detail what he wanted to "do to her".

One email allegedly said: "Hello, I love you and want to marry you," while another said "God gave me a penis to make you feel like you never did every time when we'll make love."

In another email Kabongo also wrote about wanting to be a Hollywood star, saying: "I WRITE SCREENPLAYS. I wanna become a movie star."

Kabongo reportedly informed the High School Musical star that he had purchased a flight to Los Angeles, and was reportedly seen driving up and down her street several times.

A judge granted the terrified actress a restraining order, forcing Kabongo to stay at least 100 yards away from Hudgens, her 19-year-old sister Stella and her boyfriend Austin Butler, 23.

Hudgens is the latest in a long line of celebrities to take out restraining orders against stalkers.

Rihanna recently took out a restraining order against an obsessed man who hung around outside her apartment and threatened to kill her.

Taylor Swift was granted an extended order against an obsessed fan who has claimed to be married to the star and threatened to kill anyone who "came between them".

Miley Cyrus also took out a three-year restraining order against a man who attempted to break in to her home this year and threatened to pursue her at all costs.