Miley Cyrus Bans Twerking On Bangerz Tour
Miley Cyrus has been awarded a restraining order against a male admirer who has made numerous attempts to meet her REUTERS

Miley Cyrus has secured a temporary restraining order against a stalker, who says the singer is communicating with him in her songs.

Devon Meek, 24, who has made several attempts to meet the singer-actress and claims he will die if they are not together, has been ordered to stay 100 metres away from Cyrus.

His unrequited love led to a run-in with the law earlier this month when he was arrested in the southeastern Arizona city of Sierra Vista for breaking into a property he believed belonged to the Wrecking Ball star.

A judge granted Cyrus the protection order after Meek vowed to continue to try and meet the former Hannah Montana star upon his release from the psychiatric hospital he is currently being held.

According to court documents, "Mr. Meek stated that when he is released from the hospital, he will not stop seeking Ms. Cyrus and that he will continue to go to Ms. Cyrus' residence until Ms. Cyrus accepts him or he dies."

A hearing to extend the restraining order to three years has been set for June 16.

Cyrus is not the only star to take legal action against an obsessed fan in recent months.

In March Taylor Swift was awarded a restraining order against a stalker after he threatened to kill anybody that tried to ruin his "marriage" to the country songbird.

In October 2013, Rihanna secured a permanent restraining order against an admirer after he broke into her Los Angeles home a number of times.