Following widespread reports suggesting New York police arrested over 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters during their march across Brooklyn Bridge, Anonymous has posted several videos chronicling the event.

The first video shows what appears to be the start of the walk. In it a number of spectators are shown jumping down and joining the main body of protesters'. The footage lends credence to Anonymous' and the Occupy Wall Street protesters previous claims that its core numbers had grown during the Brooklyn Bridge march.

The second video posted shows a number of individuals being separated from the main group of protesters. It goes on to show the New York police arrest the protesters.

The third video shows the protesters blocking a road, shouting the slogan "this is a peaceful protest."

The Brooklyn Bridge arrests all occurred just as Occupy Wall Street entered its third week. The exact reasons for each arrest remain vague. The move from Wall Street to march across the Brooklyn Bridge, was reportedly planned on Saturday. While initially peaceful, reports suggest that clashes between protesters and the police occurred after a number of the marchers ignored police warnings to use a pedestrian pathway.

Though exact numbers remain vague a number of media outlets have since reported that of the 700 initially arrested, only around 20 individuals are still being held.

The latest clash follows a number of reports suggesting New York police had been using increasingly aggressive tactics against the seemingly peaceful protesters. Reports by both protesters and passers-by have since emerged suggesting the tactics have led to heightened tensions between police and the protesters.

Recently, one of the more disturbing reports suggested a NY police officer had wrongfully used pepper spray on a group of peaceful female protesters.

The video that subsequently appeared showing the incident led to numerous media coverage of the event and a questioning of the police's tactics. The officer shown in the video was later "named" by the protesters with news later emerging suggesting he had been accused of past acts of brutality against protesters.

The arrests and incidents all occurred during Adbusters' Occupy Wall Street protest. The protest began roughly three weeks ago and though no uniform end goal has been issued by the protesters, the campaign is reportedly being enacted to protest Wall Street's current influence on American policy.

The full series of videos can be seen here.