New York Police Arrest 700 Occupy Wall Street Protesters as Marchers Take-Over Brooklyn Bridge
Reports have emerged suggesting New York police arrested over 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters during their march across Brooklyn Bridge. REUTERS

New footage published on Anonymous' AnonOps website has emerged showing New York police violently tackling and using pepper spray on a number of Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The three new videos showing the alleged police violence emerged on a number of Occupy Wall Street Protesters.

The first shows a group of female protesters being kettled and sprayed with pepper spray by police. The second and third videos show police violently tackling two protesters to the ground.

The new footage adds to a collection of videos taken by protesters during the Wall Street protest. Earlier in September the group had published another batch showing officers violently apprehending a number of protesters, in some cases injuring the individuals concerned.

As was the case with the previous footage, the new videos do not show the incidents that motivated the seemingly disproportionate police response.

Since the images of violence broke, the Anonymous collective has issued a series of statements indicating plans to launch a series of revenge attacks against law enforcement for its treatment of the protesters.

The new footage was all taken during Adbusters' Occupy Wall Street protest. The campaign began Saturday 17 September when around 1,000 individuals rallied in Manhattan's Financial District.

The campaign is reportedly being enacted to protest Wall Street's current influence on American policy.

A live video feed showing the Occupy Wall Street protest can be viewed here.