American Kelly Slater won the Volcom Pipe Pro surfing contest on the Banzai Pipeline of Oahu's North Shore on 2 February. The Eleven-time world champion, who celebrates his 44th birthday in February, took his first win in two years halfway through the 30-minute final, as all contestants enjoyed fine 8-12ft waves on the reef.

Slater was given top scores of 8.73 and 7.83 for his win. Feted on the podium, Slater said he was relieved to have taken another win after such a long drought. "My favourite moment to be honest is when the buzzer went and I was in first place," he said. "It's so satisfying to have such good waves and actually win. And like I said I haven't won in a long time so I was just really relieved. And it is one of those ones that I am going to look back on and say 'gosh I can't believe we got those waves and I got first place'," he said.

The event was a qualifier for this season's World Surf League which starts in March on Australia's Gold Coast.