A video that has gone viral on the internet captures the moment an American professional skier, Angel Collinson, tumbled about 1,000ft down an Alaskan mountain she was performing on. Collinson was executing a stunt for a ski and snowboard movie, Paradise Waits, when she hit an icy patch of snow, according the film's producers Teton Gravity Research.

In an interview with ABC News, Collinson said she tried to use her arms to slow her descent. But when that failed, she said she covered her face in order to protect it from icy snowballs on her way down. At the end of her fall, she told her colleagues on the radio that she was unharmed. The skier managed to get away with only two sprained fingers and some bruises, she told ABC.

The incident is now used in a safety video from Teton Gravity Research and was uploaded to YouTube on 21 January, where it has gathered more than 350,000 views. It says the incident occurred in spring 2015.