WhatsApp change number feature
Reuters/Phil Noble

Facebook-owned chat application WhatsApp suffered a series of global outages Friday (3 November), with issues hitting users in London, Mexico and Malaysia.

DownDetector, a website which tracks connectivity of websites and online servers, indicated that major problems spread across Europe. It claimed that the outages first started at approximately 7:10. There has been no official confirmation from WhatsApp.

DownDetector shows WhatsApp coverage issues, taken at 8:55am DownDetector

Swathes of users, including those at IBTimes UK, found that connectivity was either patchy or non-existent and were unable to connect, even over Wi-Fi.

"Whatsapp down in Bucharest, Romania right now, it says it's unavailable and to try again in 5 minutes," one user wrote on DownDetector.

Another said: "Can't get connection with WhatsApp yet again even though using home wifi about time you sorted the outage problems out."

At just after 9am, the service resumed.

In May earlier this year the service suffered a similar mass blackout when it was offline for roughly two hours. Normal service eventually resumed but no cause was ever revealed.

As expected, social media platforms immediately lit up, with users taking to Twitter to vent their frustration and, of course, spread memes about the ongoing outages.