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A flying helicopter drone has crashed into a Dublin prison, laden with drugs Reuters

Drug dealers are at it again, using remote-controlled unmanned helicopter drones to drop drugs into prisons - but this time they've messed up.

Prison staff at Wheatfield Prison in Dublin noticed a large object crash-landing from above, and prisoners ran towards the drone, which was packed with lots of drugs.

Ironically, the drone is said to have crashed due to hitting special netting installed to prevent man-sized helicopters from attempting to land in the prison yard to help prisoners escape.

According to Irish newspaper Sunday World, the drugs fell off the helicopter when it crashed and the prisoners had been expecting the drone delivery.

It is unclear what type of drugs were taken and what amounts were delivered, but a well-known armed robber from Tallaght was seen swallowing packages.

The prisoner has been put in isolation and under observation until the drugs leave his system naturally, and will likely be charged with possession of illegal drugs if the prison sees them.

This is the first such reported incident at a prison in Ireland, or anywhere in the British Isles.

In November, a helicopter drone was seen flying over Hull prison in the city of Gatineau in Quebec, while in the US, four men were arrested in Georgia for trying to drop packages of tobacco to prisoners at the Calhoun State Prison using flying drones.

Ireland is no stranger to the cocktail of crime and choppers. In 1973, three IRA members escaped from Mountjoy Prison aboard a hijacked Alouette II helicopter, spawning the celebratory "Helicopter Song" by the Wolfe Tones, which topped the Irish music charts despite being banned by the government.