Wifarer is an indoor GPS app which can be used by Android owners. It will soon be available for iPhone users too. It is quite a useful app to easily navigate inside malls, university campuses and airports. However, it does not require any extra hardware to be installed.

"Wifarer has outdoor capabilities for arenas or plazas which have outdoor shops, but the capabilities are specific to walkers," said Wifarer's CEO Philip Stanger.

The technology uses the venue's Wi-Fi to pinpoint the location of one's smartphone. Moreover, the app provides location-aware content such as retailer promotions and coupons to shoppers who are close to retail shops. For instance, if the user happens to move towards a music store which has special endorsement, the Wifarer app will show a red dot on the map which signifies that the shopper is in front of the store and has a special promotion too. If the user taps on the red dot then it will display the list of coupons and announcements of the particular store.

Likewise, users at an airport can get the information if one's flight is delayed as well as how far the user is from the departure gate. The app is also beneficial to find a particular piece of sculpture at a museum or a seminar hall at one's university.

Once the user discovers the particular location then he/she must tap "take me there". The app will then draw a path between the current place and the desired destination. The user must follow the path to reach one's destination. The Wifarer app is available for download here.

"The app provides various options such as turn-by-turn directions to an end location, indoor maps or news and alerts based on the user's location" says Wifarer's CEO Philip Stanger.