Acer tablet
Acer tablet Acer

Reports suggest Acer and Lenovo are both preparing a series of Windows 8 tablets for release in the third quarter of 2012.

The news emerged Monday, when citing anonymous "sources" within Asia-based component suppliers providing parts for the tablets, the ever "reliable" Digitimes published a report claiming to have confirmed Acer and Lenovo's plans.

The Digitimes went on to report that as well as running on the future Windows 8 Operating system, both companies were also planning to use Intel's upcoming "Clover Trail" chipsets in the tablets. Part of a number of new chips expected for release, LG is also expected, though not confirmed, to be unveiling a series of new Medfield-powered smartphones at 2012's Consumer Electronics Show.

Though unconfirmed the decision to use the "Clover Trail" as opposed to Medfield components would conform to the current rumour that PC vendors prefer the Clover chips as they offer better performance and more efficient power consumption.

If true, the fabled future tablets' Q3 release window would potentially place them behind other Windows 8 tablets, with previous speculation pegging the OS first "public" appearance on a tablet in February.

Speculation of a February Windows 8 tablet appearance broke at the end of 2011 when Microsoft handed out 5,000 new Samsung tablet computers running a test version of the OS to developers at its annual developer conference.

None of this has been officially confirmed by Microsoft, Acer, Lenovo or LG.