Windows 9
A concept design wallpaper for Windows 9 bosswallpapers

Microsoft's next major update to its desktop operating system, Windows 9 dubbed Threshold, with a latest build has been caught at the Windows Store logs.

Microsoft has been rumoured to be working for the latest iteration to desktop OS on several occasion. Besides, a number of evidences emerged suggesting Windows 9 is on its way.

According to a screenshot recently shared by Twitter user Stealth2013, Windows 9 will bump the kernel version to 6.4 with latest build number 9788, which has been identified via tracking mechanism inside Windows applications, reports Newoin. The new build version brings no surprise, given Windows Threshold is said to be Microsoft major release.

This is not the first time Windows 9 builds are leaking. Prior to 6.4.9788.0, a number of builds have been spotted in metadata.

As for the improvements and changes reported recently, the Threshold update for the mouse and keyboard users will be the most anticipated update. Besides, the update will be a move from the Modern UI environment for desktop users.

In some builds of Threshold, Modern UI is said to be disabled as default, and users will have to manually turn it back. However, this is situation dependent, in case users wish to access live tile environment.

On contrary, the Modern UI will be available for tablet, whereas on traditional PCs, the modern UI will be no longer utilised by default.

Besides, the Windows Threshold update will enable the Modern apps to run in a windowed mode on the desktop and the new Start menu will have the ability to launch Modern apps.

Talking about the release, the Preview version of Windows Threshold is expected later this year with the final release coming sometime in Spring next year.