Windows 95
Windows 95 running on Android Wear smartwatch. YouTube

Microsoft's old graphical users interface based operating system, Windows 95, has been found to be compatible with Google's Android Wear operating system designed for smartwatches.

YouTube user Corbin Davenport has ported the Windows 95 operating system on Samsung Gear Live running Android Wear v4.4W.1. Davenport was the same user who earlier made the Doom and Minecraft PE games run on Android Wear.

He has also shared a video showing the older OS version meant for desktop working on the Android Wear smartwatch. This port was done using aDosBox, the app that was developed based on pelya's SDL port currently available in the Play Store, to install Windows 95 on the smartwatch.

The video further suggests that faster emulators like Dosbox Turbo do not work properly with Android Wear, making it slow.

Besides, Windows 95 runs out of RAM, while trying to open any applications. Users also say that he failed to add more RAM since this DosBox port does not have an accessible configuration file.

There are a few other issues such as boot up for several minutes and some error notifications while logging in, adds Android Police.

It is otherwise interesting to see Windows 95 running on Samsung Gear Live, featuring a 1.63in screen with 320 x 320 resolutions, with the help of cursor movement.