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A woman in Kuwait divorced her husband within just three minutes of being married after the groom called her stupid when she tripped over.

The bizarre incident occurred as they were leaving the courthouse after the wedding ceremony. The bride tripped on her way out. The 2019 story of the three-minute marriage resurfaced on social media after a user wrote a post on Twitter (now X).

The couple received an annulment in the same courthouse they got married in on the same day. The case went viral on social media in 2019 as well, and has now generated a debate again.

This might just been the shortest-lived marriage in Kuwait, but similar bizarre incidents have been reported in other parts of the world as well. In 2015, an Egyptian woman went to a Cairo court seeking divorce from her husband after he refused to "turn off" a flickering light in their bedroom.

Shireen Mahrous filed for divorce from her husband, who has been named Mounir A, stating that the two have nothing in common and that even "turning the lights on and off" leads to major fights between them.

We became very different after marriage. I didn't notice these huge differences while we were engaged. Even turning off the lights before we sleep or the type of food to eat or what time to wake up would cause a problem," an Egyptian newspaper, Youm7, quoted Mahrous as saying.

She also alleged that her husband was not granting her divorce, citing that their lives together were "God's will".

"During these 12 months of marriage, we tried to tolerate the situation, but we've failed. He refused to grant me divorce when I asked for it and told me all married couples are unhappy and that we are now married and that this is God's will but I told him I want a husband who I can feel loves me," Mahrous added.

The husband, however, thought that it was unrealistic to divorce a partner based on "silly fights".

In a similar incident reported from Nigeria in 2015, a woman sought separation from her husband in an Islamic Shariah court, complaining that his penis was too big for her to handle following a week-long marriage.

The case stirred a subtle laugh at a Shariah court in Gusau, Zamfara State, when the woman voiced her reason for seeking a divorce.

Incidentally, the husband did not claim that his wife was wrong. He agreed to divorce his wife and sought the return of the dowry money that was given to her family during their wedding.