Shawn Michaels has opened up about using drugs and alcohol and what made him finally quit his addictions. The Heartbreak Kid has revealed that he started taking drugs and alcohol during his first WWE run to cope with the pressure of performing his gimmick as a heel.

The WWE Hall of Famer in an interview said he used drugs and alcohol to come out of his shell as a "shy" and "quiet kid" in the WWE.

"As I turned into a heel, and I began to go on this journey of who this character or this gimmick would be, it just continued to grow – and certainly unleashed in me this side where I could just go out there and do absolutely anything... but it came out through, honestly, through drugs and alcohol. It was the only way that I had the ability to show any type of personality other than the shy, quiet kid [I was]," the WWE legend said. (Via FoxSports)

"We used to say things like, or certainly I said things like 'hey man, I only party when I'm on the road.' OK, we're on the road 250-plus days a year."

Michaels battled with his demons even after the birth of his son but eventually realised that he had to give up drugs when his son, who then was two years old, started to see a "difference" in him.

"It just hits me like a ton of bricks like 'oh my goodness, he sees it now," he said.

Michaels said that he stopped taking drugs and made positive changes in his lifestyle with the help of his wife Rebecca Curci and new found faith in his religion.

"Lo and behold, one day I found myself in the parking lot for Cornerstone Church. I'm drawn to this place, I know that the good Lord is trying to tell me something and I know it's in that big building. And I say, look, I'm looking for a Bible study. The lady looks at me and I think at first she thinks I'm going to rob the place. This gentleman sticks his head out of the office, he says you can come to mine, Wednesday night 7'o' clock," he said. (Via Sportskeeda)

"I remember him telling me that 'Look, Shawn, to be part of this Bible study, you've got to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, would you like that?' and I said 'I think I would'. He leads me into serious prayer and I just weep like a baby, this feeling comes out of me, it's like it's over. They recite with me and I mean, my life has never been the same and you know, I've never touched another drug."

Shawn Michaels
WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels