The latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw saw some exciting matches ahead of its brand exclusive pay-per-view (PPV0 Hell in a Cell 2016. The event was aired from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado on 17 October.

Check out the match results:

Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins

Jericho and Rollins went at each other right from the start. During the match Rollins tried the Pedigree on Jericho, who countered it with the Walls of Jericho. Rollins broke the hold as he managed to get his hands on the rope. Kevin Owens was at ringside and this distracted Jericho, which allowed Rollins to roll up Jericho, but he managed to kick out. Next, Jericho went for a Codebreaker, but Rollins blocked it and then finally nailed the Pedigree for the win via pinfall.

Golden Truth and Mark Henry vs The Shining Stars and Titus O'Neil

The fight was an exciting one from the word go. In the end, Goldust, R-Truth and Mark Henry defeated Epico, Primo and Titus O'Neil via pinfall via the World's Strongest Slam from Mark Henry on O'Neil.

Sheamus vs Big E

During the match, Big E got knocked outside the ring and into the barrier. Sheamus wasted time as he argued with Cesaro as the latter was posing with fans and filming them on his phone. Sheamus rolled Big E in the ring, but went back over to Cesaro and snatched his phone. Although Cesaro returned to the ringside, the two continued to argue for some more time. When Sheamus entered the ring, Big E Splashed him for the win.

Bo Dallas vs Neville

The match saw back-and-forth action between Bo Dallas and Neville. However, in the end, Dallas won the fight via pinfall with the Rolling Cutter.

Dana Brooke vs Bayley

Bayley was in control of the match in the beginning, but Dana turned it around with a big right hand and then went on to viciously attack the former, which was stopped by the referee. During the match, Bayley made her comeback, but Dana ended up scoring with a lateral press for a win via pinfall.

Karl Anderson vs Big Cass

Big Cass came out on top after he carried out the East River Crossing on Karl Anderson.

Braun Strowman vs The Mile High Trio (Handicap Match)

Braun Strowman won the fight after he performed an inverted chokeslam on one of his opponents and then pinned him for the win.

Money in the Bank: Seth Rollins
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