Xbox Music: Pricing and Features Makes its Appearance
Redmond Pie

Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console has already made a splash. Leaked details of the Xbox Music service suggest that the company is pushing itself towards an entertainment hub. Redmond Pie reports the details of pricing and features of Xbox Music that have been leaked via Microsoft's Windows 8 music app.

The Xbox Music service seems to come with a price tag of £8.99 per month that could be specific to users in the UK. It reportedly offers unlimited access to millions of songs on the user's Windows PC or tablet, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone. Users would be able to download or even stream any number of songs as well as listen to them until their subscription expires.

However, on Xbox 360 users are required to have an Xbox LIVE Gold membership since the Music Pass on Xbox 360 is expected to allow only streaming.

The site notes that if the pricing is £8.99 per month it will come to about £89.90 for 12 months that is considerably cheaper when compared to Spotify that charges £9.99 per month for providing a similar music service. Incidentally, the pricing of Xbox Music seems to be the same as a British Zune Pass.

"Although it cannot be confirmed, the US price points are expected to cost the same as the Stateside Zune Pass, and with the library touted to be in excess of 30 million tracks by the time the service launches, it's a very appealing prospect indeed," claims the site.

A complete package including audio and video could entice users, making them watch their favourite video and listen to audio as well. Microsoft will be launching the Windows 8, alongside Microsoft Surface tablet on 26 October. The Xbox Music that is expected to be compatible with devices running Windows 8 seems to come with a 14-day free trial.