A Syrian government air strike on a rebel-held village near Damascus has killed 10 children on Sunday as they played outdoors according to opposition activists. This unverified footage posted on You Tube taken immediately after the attack is extremely graphic and disturbing so we can only show you a few seconds.

Dead children can be seen, their bodies torn apart by shrapnel. Everywhere people are screaming and the area is chaos.

Abu Kassem told Reuters the munitions dropped by the fighter jets were cluster bombs. This footage shows the bombs being released, they then open in mid-air releasing 'bomblets' which contain metal balls which carry over a 15 metre radius. They are known as hell from above.

The Syrian army has denied a Human Rights Watch report issued in October that Assad's forces have used cluster bombs, saying it did not possess such weapons. Cluster bombs are banned under a 2010 U.N. treaty, though Syria, like Israel, Russia and the United States, have not signed the pact. With severe restrictions by Syrian authorities on non-state media, independent verification was not possible.

Written and presented by Ann Salter