A suicide bomb attack by a man wearing a police uniform, has killed 37 people and injured 40 more, many critical at a mosque in Maymana northern Afghanistan. Eye witnesses and officials said the suicide attacker approached the mosque and detonated his suicide vest after the Eid prayers had finished.

In response to the attack The Afghan President Hamid Karzai called on the Taliban to stop killing other Afghans he said,

"I call on Taliban and other government opposition to stop the destruction of their own country, stop the killing of their people, stop destruction of their mosques, hospitals and schools and stop working for the aims of foreigners. Come to our country and live with honour and according to the constitution. Any position you want, there are people and elections, come and campaign for it and win votes."

At the moment it is unclear how the bomber managed to get through the high security surrounding the mosque and pass through various security checkpoints. However, Maymana has seen the assassinations a couple of days ago of a high profile Taliban leader, his son and other officials who defected to the government side. Which may mean this is a retaliation attack designed to show Taliban strength to the government.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter