A truly one off discovery of a the body of a female, one month old, baby woolly mammoth has arrived in Hong Kong on its first stop of its Asian tour.

Lyuba as she is known is the most complete example of a woolly mammoth in the world. It is believed she met her demise after suffocating in mud and was entombed in the Siberian permafrost for 42,000 years.

Here you can see how her ears and hind legs are almost perfect, although she has lost most of her woolly coat.

Russian Curator Galina Karzanova explained just how rare she is.

"Lyuba has a trunk and it is almost intact and this is the most fragile part of a mammoth, so she's very rare because she has the trunk. Also her ears are more or less still there. Her skin is intact which is very rare, and what is most important for scientists are her inner organs her intestines, her insides are more or less there."

Lyuba was discovered in 2007 by Yuri Khudi, a Siberian nomad from the Nenet tribe who live largely herding reindeer. Khudi, recognizing Lyuba's amazing preservation, travelled hundreds of miles to get her into the hands of scientists.

If you fancy seeing this very little girl she is on tour till 2013.