A 7-year-old Australian surfer girl is making a huge splash in the world of wave riding. Quincy Symonds took to her first board at the age of three and has not looked back since, going on to win her first tournament at the age of four and quickly becoming known as the "Flying Squirrel".

"It's not my goal for her to achieve anything in particular," said her proud dad, Wade Symonds, who is also a surfer. "I'm just excited to see what she'll do with it if she chooses to continue."

He said people sometimes criticise him for letting his little girl take on the big waves. "Then she surfs past them, and they say, 'Oh, okay, I don't really understand what I'm seeing here."

Long-time surf coach James Mitchell says he has "never seen anyone like Quincy before." When "we grow up as Ausssies everyone gets out there and gives it a go but she does have something special about her," including "no fear."

The Flying Squirrel dreams one day of taking part in a competitive world surfing tour, and is working hard to make that goal a reality. "I daydream about that all the time," she tells ABC.

Besides spending hours each day surfing she also does extensive strength and balance training.

But, she admits, first "I need to be bigger."

As for surfing, "there's definitely something really special about," said Quincy. "It may be the connection with the water and you jumping in, because it actually makes you calm down in salt water. It's just so fun — or something."