Eurostar train
The Eurostar train was travelling from London to Amsterdam when it broke down just 40 minutes into the journey JASPER JACOBS

A train journey turned traumatic for around 700 passengers when they were forced to spend more than seven hours stuck on board a Eurostar train with no electricity, food or working toilets.

The 08:16 GMT Eurostar train travelling from London to Amsterdam on Thursday was stranded in Folkestone, a port town in Kent, after an overhead cable fell on it at the entrance of the Channel Tunnel. The train broke down 40 minutes after starting from London St Pancra.

Later on, instead of continuing its journey to the Dutch capital, the train travelled back to London. Eurostar also ensured that all affected passengers on board will receive refreshments on reaching London and will also be given enhanced compensation.

A spokesperson of Eurostar said about "700 passengers and crew on board are confirmed to be safe."

"We're sorry for the delay to the #ES9114 today. The train is being detached from the overhead power lines but this is taking longer than expected. Due to a lack of power on board, it's not possible for announcements to be made. We apologise for the inconvenience," wrote Eurostar on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Eurostar later applogised for the nightmare experience of the passengers on board. The firm said that "the situation was complicated due to the position of the train and the track infrastructure".

Irked passengers shared videos on social media of blocked toilets nearly overflowing with urine after being out of order for several hours.

One passenger on X: "Sorry but this is actually inhumane @‌EurostarUK the toilets have been out of order for almost over five hours and we're still being told to use them by staff when they look like this? An actual nightmare, never again Eurostar."

Another wrote: "Been stuck on the @Eurostar train for 5hrs. Updates are appalling, no toilets, no food or water plus the carriages are super hot. Staff keeps walking up and down but no actual action. This guy has been outside since 11.30am and no action."

While Eurostar promised refreshments to passengers who were trapped in the train for seven hours, a traveller claimed on X that they were not even offered a cup of tea.

"Back at St Pancras where @Eurostar #ES9114 departed 8hr+ ago - after spending whole day on a cold train with no food, water, power, working toilets... is there a welcome of hot tea & apologies by #Eurostar staff? No, to add insult to injury only 1 escalator working =more chaos," the traveller wrote on X.