Abraham Productions
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Abraham Productions

Trailers for two of the most over-the-top movies this year, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Iron Sky, have been released.

Russian director of Wanted and Nightwatch, Timu Bekmambetov, has raised eyebrows with the premise of his new film, which sees Benjamin Walker play iconic president Abraham Lincoln, who just happens to battle the undead.

One glimpse at the trailer shows that Bekmambetov will bring his typical over-the-top style to the screen, with a reimagining of Lincoln like nothing that has come before. The Tim Burton-produced movie is released in August.

Iron Sky

Meanwhile, demonstrating a significantly smaller budget but no less historic inaccuracy, comes Iron Sky, which sees the modern world attacked by Nazis from the moon.

Concepts don't get much higher, but the film, which deals with the return of the Space Nazis in 2018, is already generating a huge internet buzz. It's due for release in April.