Finally, a European Court of Human Rights ruling has paved the way for the radical cleric Abu Hamza to be extradited to the US after an eight-year battle to stay in the UK. The high profile case of Hamza, known as the 'preacher of hate', even prompted Queen Elizabeth to break with protocol to voice concerns to the then-Home Secretary about the failure of the authorities to arrest Hamza before his arrest in 2004.

Frank Gardner of the BBC revealed The Queen was convinced that Hamza must have broken UK laws with his speeches, which preached the destruction of democracy and wanted a Muslim empire, to dominate the world from London. Gardner added that, by intervening in this way, The Queen was not lobbying in breach of the constitution, but "merely voicing the views that many have."

It is believed the Hamza extradition could happen within three weeks, where he is due to stand trial over allegations he plotted to set up a terrorist training camp in the US, and was involved in kidnapping Western hostages in Yemen. If convicted, he faces life imprisonment.

Written and presented by Ann Salter.