If you are among those who get airsick and hate the whole thought of taking to the skies but still want that jumbo jet experience, there is a restaurant in China that could answer all your prayers!

This special little place - Special Enjoyment (the Chinese name translates more literally as Special Class) - in the Chongqing district, is actually themed around the interiors of the Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger airliner.

Guests are ushered to seats similar to those on the plane and your friendly waitresses not only look like stewardess but are actually trained to talk and act like them. In addition, the windows, the adjustable seats, the carpets and even the cabin (room, we mean) lighting have been inspired by those found onboard the A380. We do hope, however, the menu is a little better than the usual airplane fare and guests can user metal cutlery instead of those unwieldy plastic ones!

The restaurant is reportedly 600 sq m in size and includes six private rooms. It can serve up to 110 customers at a time, according to local media reports and has, for now, 18 employees including nine flight attendants (sorry, we mean waitresses!) who were trained to apply their make-up, look and act like stewardess in mid-air, according to the manager of the restaurant, who was quoted in French China Online.

However, as you may expect, this experience does not come cheap. In fact, it may actually make more sense to fly on the A380 to begin with, considering the special seating can cost up to £1,000 (10,000 yuan).

Incidentally, this is the world's second A380-themed restaurant and it could even be argued is less like the real thing than the first restaurant, which is in Taipei. The latter mock-up is reportedly a more crowded lay-out and the food actually comes in plastic trays.

In any case, the China restaurant started operations on 1 May. Check out some of these photographs...