Footage has emerged of Israeli soldiers shooting a Palestinian teenager in the leg in the volatile West Bank city of Hebron before seemingly congratulating each other and mimicking the pained reaction of the victim.

In footage obtained by the Palestine International Solidarity Movement, five soldiers are shown on a rooftop - four lying on their front - while two Palestinian youths are seen on a distant rooftop.

One of the teens can be seen throwing an object in another direction from the roof. A shot from the group of Israeli soldiers then rings out and the Palestinian male drops to the floor, holding his leg. He then scampers behind cover, continuing to hold his leg in pain.

The person filming the incident can be heard saying: "Oooh! Hit him!"

The ensuing footage shows the soldiers tapping each other in seeming congratulation and holding hands to celebrate the successful shot on the Palestinian teen.

Again, the person filming the incident can be heard saying: "See, look at that. He's congratulating him."

One of the soldiers also mocks the shot teen, writhing around holding his leg to the laughs of his comrades.

According to the International Solidarity Movement, the victim received a gunshot wound to the right calf, an injury which required surgery.

Footage obtained from ISM Palestine