Amazon to launch own tablet
Amazon wants a piece of the tablet market by October reuters

Having just won its battle with Apple to use the App Store title, Amazon is set to open up a new front in its war against the tech giant, releasing a new own-brand tablet to take on the iPad.

A new report from the Wall Street Journal suggests that Amazon is planning to release the new tablet this October. The Journal claimed the news came from "people familiar with the matter".

The news comes after a report from Boy Genius suggested the Amazon tab's existence earlier this year.

The original leaked report alleged that inside sources had revealed that Amazon was in the process of creating two tablets.

The report suggested that the first tablet, codenamed "Coyote", would be a low-end device running with a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 chip.

The second, codenamed "Hollywood", was reported as being a higher-end device sporting the significantly more powerful Nvidia T30 quad-core chip.

In keeping with the old report from Boy Genius, the Wall Street Journal's recent story indicated that the October-bound Amazon tablet would run using Google's Android operating system.

Though Amazon has declined to offer any official word on the authenticity of either report, the idea of it creating its own tablet isn't beyond the realm of possibility. Already the company has the Kindle and Kindle 3G devices under its production belt.

While both device's have been criticised for their ugly design and interface, they have in purely fiscal terms been incredibly successful.

The Kindle's success may well have inspired the retail giant to further expand its device empire, jumping into the infant tablet market while its still young.