Shoppers sick of long lines can finally skip the queue and walk out without paying... Sort of.

Amazon has been experimenting with its Go store in Seattle for two years now and will finally open the doors to customers on Monday (22 January). The store scans you in using the Amazon app and can detect what you remove from shelves.

Once you have completed your shopping, Amazon tallies your items and bills your Amazon account, all without you ever pulling out your wallet. The only section of the store that will require interaction with a staff member is the alcohol corner.

Amazon has let employees shop at the Go store for the past year in an extensive trial. Monday will be the first chance for anyone to visit the store. Much like a regular shop, people can purchase already prepared meals, snacks and drinks.

In November, Amazon even used giant plush pikachus to run through the store and grab items. The company was trying to debug its pricing system, which could often miss children grabbing items off of shelves for their parents trolly.

Amazon are reportedly also planning to roll out Go stores in the UK, eventually. On 19 May, the UK Intellectual Property Office approved Amazon's application to trademark the slogan "No Queue. No Checkout. (No, Seriously.)" A similar application to secure the trademark is also being reviewed by the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

The UK will be the second market to introduce Amazon Go, after the United States. The stores will even be able to sell alcohol, as long as you still bring ID. it was officially unveiled in December 2016.

Amazon wants to roll out 2000 Go stores by the end of 2018.