Anonymous Hack Apple
Anonymous release the data of Apple website customers. Twitter

Leader of the ongoing hacking campaign Operation Anti-Security, Anonymous, has posted data taken during a cyber attack against tech giant Apple.

Anonymous posted the data of 27 Apple usernames and passwords taken from the company's website on the PasteBin website. It went on to tweet a link to the information taken in the attack. "Not being so serious, but well: | #Apple could be target, too. But don't worry, we are busy elsewhere. #AntiSec", read the collective's tweet.

The "busy elsewhere" part of the message referred to the group's subsequent attack on the Australian Election's databases -- one which bizarrely received less attention than the attack on Apple. The attack saw the group post sensitive data regarding the country's elections onto the PirateBay website.

Apple are not the first tech company to be targeted by hackers. Already Nintendo, Apple, Epic, Sega and codemasters have fallen victim to similar attacks.

The hack comes just after several ex-LulzSec members joined Anonymous' ranks after LulzSec disbanded late last month. The attack was listed as being a part of Anonymous ongoing Operation Anti-Security campaign. The campaign has seen Anonymous promise to target any and all governments or companies that it perceives as attempting to try and control or moderate the internet.

Already Operation Ant-Security has seen Anonymous hack the databases of Arizona Law Enforcement and the Columbian paramilitary Black Eagles group.

Anonymous has not released a statement outlining the reason for the attack or clarified whether future attacks on Apple are planned.