Anonymous Operation Hiroshima
Anon Sabu has threatened Israel on his Twitter account Twitter

Following the car explosion in Iran that killed a nuclear scientist in Tehran, prominent Anon Sabu has threatened Israel on his Twitter account.

The hacker called on other Anon members across the globe to attack Israeli government websites and infrastructures in response of the blast that murdered Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, an academic who also worked at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility.

"Hackers across the globe: The Israeli government abuses the sovereignty of Iran and has waged war on its scholars ownage starts..NOW," he tweeted.

Several Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated in recent years, with Iran blaming Israel and the US. Both countries deny the accusations.

"Since #israel started the week by blowing up Iranian nuclear scientists - how about we focus on disrupting their infrastructure?" tweeted Sabu.

In another message, he urged all Israelis "who are against the bombings in Iran" to join Anonymous' efforts against the government. "Calling on all Israeli's who are against the bombings in Iran. Join us in spreading the word to your government that this is not accepted," he tweeted.

"Are we really going to allow #Israel to continue to murder people without consequences? F**k that. DEFCON 2 commence," reads another tweet.

In a similar case, the hacktivist group targeted Turkey's government owned websites. Anonymous inflicted a "distributed denial of service" on Turkish telecoms regulators in June. DDos assaults are a form of cyber-attack that use large numbers of computers to overload a website with requests, forcing it go offline.

However, Turkish National Police arrested 32 suspected Anon during raids across 12 of the country's cities in June 2011.

UPDATED: Anon Sabu tweeted that progresses in attacking Israeli government websites are"already in the works", citing a statement posted on Pastebin .