Anonymous has warned YouTube that it will "unleash hell" against the video-sharing website if it does not reopen one of the collective's main accounts.

Despite the vagueness of the threats, the hacktivists stressed that the website would not be directly affected, as it represents a "medium of communication that has fallen in the wrong hands".

Using a friend's account, Anonymous Message released a clip in which the collective urges YouTube to open access to the official account within 72 hours or "we will unleash hell".

"I'm calling on everyone to subscribe to my channel on YouTube. I'm releasing a video on another channel, and I want everyone to spread it," he tweeted.

Many anon accounts re-tweeted the footage with the following message: "URGENT: #Anonymous vs #YouTube | Please Retweet and share this: | @YourAnonNews@BreakingNews"

In the footage, an activist wearing the traditional Guy Fawkes' mask, says: "Your block on TheAnonMessage's account has directly violated first amendment rights of the constitution of the United States. This violation stands against everything our collective believes in. By speaking out against the viral Kony 2012 video, Youtube has decided to block a voice of truth."

TheAnonMessage is the collective's unofficial account and is often used to spread the word on their activities, hacks and campaigns.

A recent video criticised the Kony 2012 video that went viral on YouTube in the last month. "A military intervention of the US means the final goal is to attain oil," reads a statement. "We cannot allow this to happen."

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