The violence and protests continue today in Sudan, Turkey, Lebanon and Cairo over an alleged anti-Muslim film. With reports just in, that protesters have attacked, the US and Germany Embassies in Sudan and smoke can be seen rising from the buildings.

A spokesperson for the UK Foreign Office confirmed to the BBC that a demonstration was taking place outside the embassy in Khartoum, and said Sudanese police were at the scene. A US spokesperson has said 'citizens and staff are on 'lock down' at their respective houses.

Over in Lebanon Protesters set fire to a KFC outlet in northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, and one death has been reported.

As Pope Benedict the head of the catholic church began a three-day visit to Lebanon, crowds chanted against the pope.

And the flag welcoming him as part of a peaceful, historic visit was ripped down and torn down by the angry hordes.

The mood then turned violent as people attacked the local KFC with boulders, tear gas and any weapons they could lay their hands on.

The fears that this film would incite further protests amongst the wider Muslim world have been realised today. As co-ordinated, anti-west violence is being reported in clashes in Cairo and Tunisia, with eyewitnesses telling Reuters that protesters in Tunisia have scaled the wall of the US embassy in the capital.

Written and presented by Ann Salter