As local media have repeated almost daily since Baroness Margaret Thather's death on April 8 the former conservative prime minister has divided British opinion in death just as she did in life and none more so than on the day of her funeral when protesters turned their backs on the gun carriage funeral procession through the streets of London.

Security was tight ahead of the passing of brass bands and ceremonial military platoons with police fully aware of the small swell of protests planned along the route.

A few tourists were caught unaware and struggled to take pictures of Thatcher's coffin, draped in the Union Jack, as it passed by on a gun carriage whilst noisy demonstrators shouting 'Waste of Money' turned their backs on her for one last time.

One man held up a placard reading "Boo!" , another 'We remember the miners, Falklands, poll tax, Bobby Sands - now bury thatcherism' and some shouted "scum", while supporters threw flowers along the route and cheered for Britain's longest-serving prime minister of the 20th century..

The ceremonial funeral with military honours is Britain's biggest political funeral since that of Winston Churchill in 1965.

But although there were plenty of boos, they were mostly drowned out by the cheers of the mourners who lined the streets. Over 2,000 people attended service, including the Queen, Prince Phillip, Henry Kissinger, Sarah Ferguson, Tony Blair and John Major.

Security was tight with global leaders attending the service, fears of Irish republican attack, violent protests and in the wake of the Boston marathon bombings.

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