Huffington Post
The Huffington Post launches its U.K. edition. IBTimes

AOL's premier news and opinion publication the Huffington Post is primed to launched its U.K. edition.

The Huffington Post was first launched in 2005 by Arianna Huffington, it was later picked up by internet goliath AOL at the beginning of the year. AOL paid a reported $315 million for the publication, choosing to leave Arianna Huffington in control post-takeover.

Since then AOL went on a spending spree acquiring numerous other websites including Techcrunch and Engadget.

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, Jeremy Hunt and superstar comic Rick Gervais are all expected to act as contributors to the new U.K. edition.

Former Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie, spin-guru Alastair Campbell and civil rights activist Shami Chakrabarti are all also expected to join the publications ranks.

As well as the new U.K. edition the Post is expected to launch a new Canadian edition in May and a French edition of the Huffpo "soon".

Despite its left-wing leanings, the Huffington Post has been at the centre of several controversies regarding its treatment of staff.

When the initial deal was made 900 people were fired or made redundant. Additionally, the rather sizable number of pre-takeover unpaid writers that contributed to the site have criticised Huffingfon for not sharing on of the money earned in the take-over.