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The new iPad launched by Apple on March 7 is creating waves with its unique features. The 9.7in Retina LED-backlit widescreen display packing 2048x1536 pixels, the dual-core A5X chip and the 5MP Isight camera are becoming a huge favorite among the buyers. The new iPad had its pre-orders sold out much before the release.

Twitter is filled with tweets about the new iPad:

Dennis Crowley ‏ @dens

I cant get over how bad the "download Wired magazine" experience is on iPad. Prob mostly Conde's fault but Newsstand.app seems half-baked.

Sidhartha Mallya ‏ @sidharthamallya

Loving the new ipad 3.even tho its slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor, the sharpness & quality of the screen is OUTSTANDING!!

michellevisage ‏ @michellevisage

My 10 year old has announced that she is saving up for the new ipad

A look at the 'never seen before' photos of the new Apple iPad: