Apple iPad Air 3, Next-Gen iMac and iPad Mini 3 Rumoured to be Released in 16 October Event
Apple Operations International in Cork, Ireland Reuters

Riding high on the reported success of its latest creative flagships, the iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 plus, technology giant Apple is now gearing up to launch newer iterations of its other popular hardware offerings viz the iPad Air, iMac and iPad Mini

According to a new report published in Recode, the Cupertino-based company will launch its newest iPad Air variant in an event that is slated to be held on 16 October.

This event is highly expected to witness the launch of Apple's iPad Air 2 along with next-gen iMac computer desktops.

The iPad Mini 3 is also rumoured to see the light of day in the 16 October event, along with the iPad Air 2 and the next-gen iMac.

The latest Recode report quashes earlier reports that stated that the next-generation iPad Air and the iPad Mini would be launched during an event on 21 October.

As for the technical specifications of Apple's expected next-gen hardware offerings (slated to be launched officially on 16 October), nothing much is known except the fact that the next-gen iPad Air (tentatively termed in media circles as iPad Air 2) is expected to offer users the fingerprint sensing functionality, along with incorporating a comparatively thinner outer form factor.

Also, the iPad Air 2 is expected to feature changes such as a 2GB RAM, split Window Multitasking functionality and the touch ID, according to a 9to5MAC report.

Both Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 are expected to be commercially available in the gold variant.

The company's next-gen iMac is expected to incorporate a 27-inch outer casing, along with an advanced 4K-resolution Retina display.