Insane Yet Amazing iPhone 5 Concept Design with Rubberband Electronics [VIDEOS]
New iPhone 5 concept features larger screen, wireless charging, fingerprint scan and Notification centre with Siri updates Dorian Darko

Adding to what can only be described as the biggest game of Chinese Whispers ever played by the world's media, new rumours once again suggest a September release for Apple's highly-anticipated iPhone 5 smartphone.

According to a report from an Italian phone website, the iPhone 5 will finally be officially announced next month -- to date even the name iPhone 5 is simply the product of accumulated rumours.

The same report followed the current rumour trend speculating that the smartphone would be released on 5 September.

Tech site Computer World posted a similar claim earlier today again reporting that the iPhone 5 was scheduled for 5 September U.S. release.

Running in tandem with the two rumours, tech blog Boy Genius reported that U.S. telecoms company AT&T had begun prepping its employees for a September launch. The report indicated that Apple was in the process of hiring extra staff for its stores to deal with the inevitable iPhone 5 consumer riot.

The report isn't the first to take recent Apple Store openings as an indication of a late August, early September iPhone 5 release. Earlier this month a similar job post on Reed Recruitment led to a similar rumour frenzy by the world's media.

As always Apple declined to comment on the authenticity of any of the rumours.